While every all-female punk band will draw inevitable comparisons to Bikini Kill, few of them deserve them more and want them less than the Venomous Pinks.

It’s not that the Arizona trio has anything against Kathleen Hanna and crew, but more that the Venomous Pinks aren’t trying to compare themselves to anyone or anything. They’re just looking to deliver the most intense and refined in-your-face high-energy hardcore punk regardless of gender or background.

Having shared the stage and earned the respect of a who’s who of punk rock royalty, guitarist/vocalist Drea Doll, bassist/vocalist Gaby Kaos and drummer Cassie Jalilie have already amassed a career’s worth of experience since forming in 2013. But while the Venomous Pinks have already played at the biggest festivals and toured with industry legends, their long-awaited debut LP, Vita Mors (SBÄM Records) is an obvious step forward for the band.

Produced by Cameron Webb (Motörhead, Social Distortion, NOFX) and co-produced by Linh Le of Bad Cop/Bad Cop, Vita Mors perfectly encapsulates who the Venomous Pinks are in 2022. A fusion of unforgettably catchy melodies and brash punk pushes forth the underlying messages of unity, equality, PMA and a whole lot more. The heavy sound and heady lyrics on tracks about everything from the heartbreak of losing someone “Broken Hearts Club” to feminist anthem “We Do It Better” don’t sound like they’re coming from a band making their full-length debut — for that matter, their tone and energy are fuller and more powerful than most trios can pull off at any stage of their career.

 Whether you’re looking for the slick hardcore punk musicianship of shredding guitars, pounding bass and thunderous drums or the oft-inspiring message of a band capable of bringing generations of punk rockers together the Venomous Pinks are very much what the present and future look like. These ladies will rock your world in every room of the house, clear out to the parking lot. While their energetic stage performance exhibits a “work hard and play harder” mentality, this tight, punchy three-piece’s unapologetic style will ravage your ears with their mix of punk and hardcore.

The Venomous Pinks have long been winning fans over with their electrifying live performances and their bevvy of EPs and singles, but now armed with Vita Mors and major tours with bands like Dead Kennedys, they seem destined to erupt on a global scale sooner than later.

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