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“SOUND This three-piece Arizona band delivers punchy punk with sharp pop sensibilities
— somewhere between the Distillers and Joan Jett. The whole album runs at well under 30 minutes — 10 instant, flab-free classics. Guitarist Drea Doll mixes driving, chugging rhythm guitar parts with biting, incisive, memorable solos. KEY TRACK “Cross My Heart and Hope to Die

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“For our money, the best track on the record is “Apothecary Ailment.” Maybe the purest pop-punk song on Vita Mors, there are traces of the best elements of Bad Religion in this song without being obvious about it. Upon closer listening, though, it’s really the combination of Jalilie’s driving beat and Doll and Kaos’ vocals that make it stand out just a bit above the rest” 10 modern punk bands who are channeling acts from the first wave >

“Let’s close this out with (by far) the most punk-rock band name listed here: The Venomous Pinks. The power trio do Phoenix’s lush music scene proud on their 2020 EP, I Want You. Joan Jett should be also proud as well. Hell, as her legacy lives on in a colorful full blast and a gnarly scarring bite with the Venomous Pinks. Get excited: The band are releasing a new live EP April 23.”

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” …namely, that the band won’t let anything stop them from accomplishing their goals.”


Unlike the glitzy Glam Skanks, the next band looked like a tough all-girl band who would not hesitate to kick your ass if you get in their way. THE VENOMOUS PINKS are an all girl band punk band with a touch of hard rock and were one of the crowd favorites. This band got the first mosh pit of the night going and kept playing in-your-face music their entire set. The Venomous Pinks is the real deal, and consists of Drea Doll – Jukie – Gaby Kaos and Miranda Duffy. During their set the band would play bits of bands like Slayer, Joan Jett and Quiet Riot , then jumping back into the punk music that the crowd expected. A great band that should be playing Vegas more often!


While The Venomous Pinks really upped the aggression factor of the overall show, Go Betty Go was the surprise of the night. I was totally impressed with this pop-punk band. Their tunes were catchy, they had fantastic stage presence and they just gave off this aura of positivity that you don’t get too much of from bands in the scene. Go Betty Go’s incredibly fun set included their songs “Saturday,” “C’mon” and “The Pirate Song.” Unexpectedly, towards the end of their set, the band brought up their former lead singer Emily to the stage to sing a couple of songs as well. It was a hell of a way to end a performance.


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“That passion can be seen in their latest video, a simple but well-edited performance clip full of lots of head banging and a bevy of dancing fans. It debuted on, an independent punk rock video channel and already has garnered more than 8,000 YouTube views in less than two weeks.”

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“…if these ladies keep busting out killer sets and opening for their biggest shows they are going to eat away at the fanbases of their male counterparts and put a stranglehold on the Phoenix punk scene”

YabYum West: The Venomous Pinks – Exes & Whoas 

by Lenore Lanova
Senior Editor

Last Saturday, The Venomous Pinks unleashed their new EP to a crowd of expectant fans at the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe. The Phoenix punk rockers have been making the local scene a little bit rowdier since they hit the circuit a few years ago. This new EP, Exes & Whoas, marks the second release from the band and, let me tell you, the Pinks have stomped leaps and bounds in just these few short years.

Their 2013 EP (Three in the Pink) revealed a feisty punk band with tremendous promise. Exes & Whoas shows that promise realized. All five tracks are fierce and fun. And perhaps more importantly, they are delivered in slicker style, but with the fiery energy we’ve come to expect. Exes & Whoas makes Three in the Pink sound a bit like amateur hour. I don’t know if it’s the result of their heavy performance schedule, but the years of heavy rocking has transformed The Venomous Pinks into true professionals. And, as I sit here writing this on the Saturday following the Friday night release, I can honestly say I’ve listened to this album nearly nonstop since I got my hands on it.

For quite some time now, The Venomous Pinks have been making their way as a power trio featuring Drea Doll on guitar/vocals, Gaby Kaos on guitar/bass/vocals, and Jukie on drums, but they recently added Corrie Zazzera on guitar after a month of summertime jamming. Earlier that same summer, the trio recorded Exes & Whoas at Villian Recording with Byron Filson in North Phoenix.

The EP opens with “Never Say Never”, a track certain to have you fist-pumping and shouting on repeated listens. Roger Miret of Agnostic Front joins in on the vocals for “Never Say Never” as well as the song “Do You Wanna?” Drea and Jukie helped with backing vocals on Miret’s last release and Drea decided to ask for some help in return.

By “No No No”, the second track, I was hooked. Exes & Whoas is badass. It lives up to the reputation The Venomous Pinks have acquired from their active involvement in the local punk scene: hard-working and hard-rocking.