“This trio of strong women create incredible punk rock that transcends the genre with a unique blend of power, harmony, grit, and passion. Drea, Gaby, and Cassie have dedicated their lives to their craft, and it is clear that they live, breathe, and exist to create intense rock ‘n’ roll with meaning.”


A [Bernie] Sanders rally was part concert, part sermon — a place for young and old to dance, somewhat perplexed, to a band called the Venomous Pinks opening for the impassioned stump speech about inequality; a traveling road show of constructive grievance…

— The New York Times

“These three women lay down a powerful sound that oozes punk rock roots, sure, but is also something newer and, quite honestly, better.”

— Phoenix New Times

The power trio do Phoenix’s lush music scene proud on their 2020 EP, I Want You. Joan Jett should also be proud as well. Hell, as her legacy lives on in a colorful full blast and a gnarly scarring bite with the Venomous Pinks.

— Alternative Press

Arizona-based punk band The Venomous Pinks are here to broadcast a message of unity in these strange times.

— Riot Fest

…and holy smokes, does it rip. It’s loud and fast and aggressive and cathartic, and it finds the crew full of fire and brimstone.

— Dying Scene

The Venomous Pinks have something to say, and you need to listen, and sing and dance and shout along with them.

— Off Shelf Punk Rock Scouting Report

The first thing I thought when I listened to Vita Mors was: all-female version of The Sex Pistols. Raw instrumentals, snarling vocals, and aggressive, in-your-face anarchy makes up The Venomous Pinks’ sound.

— Voice Magazine