Vita Mors LP (SBAM Records)



The Venomous Pinks – Vita Mors LP

The much-anticipated album is consumed by a deep narrative while fusing their razor sharp guitar licks, mesmerizing bass riffs, and thunderous drum shreds, which is what the trio is known for. Recorded at Maple Sound Studios, engineered and produced by Cameron Webb as well as co-produced by Linh Le (Bad Cop/Bad Cop), this collaboration created a dynamic sound with unforgettable harmonies. Serving severe sing-along vibes, guest gang vocal appearances include Linh Le, Efrem Schulz (Death by Stereo) and Brenna Red (The Last Gang). Dan Palmer (Zebrahead, Death by Stereo) also plays guitar on Mercy, I Really Don’t Care and Hold On.

This synergy between musicians gives an overarching theme of unity and solidarity in the music scene. The album’s addictive sequencing goes full throttle from start to finish, making it impossible to skip over tracks since each stand strong on its own. Subjects range from persevering heart-wrenching losses, to fighting sexism, to belting social change war cries, which prove once again their punk rock commentary is a force to be reckoned with. Vita Mors is more than an album, it’s an insider’s guide into The Pinks’ personal rebel journey.

Track list:

  1. Mercy
  2. I Really Don’t Care feat. Linh Le (Bad Cop/Bad Cop)
  3. No Rules
  4. We Do It Better feat. Brenna Red (The Last Gang)
  5. Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
  6. Broken Hearts Club
  7. Apothecary Ailment
  8. Hold On
  9. Todos Unidos feat. Efrem Schulz (Death By Stereo)
  10. 10.We Must Prevail

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Splatter, Hot Pink (1st Pressing), Half n Half(1st Pressing)


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